Are you planning to add a new stroke of paint to your office? Making a minor colour change can also play a big role in moderating the productivity level of the employees working in the office space. However, unlike domestic painting, for commercial painting, there can be a lot of issues that can hinder the painting process and hamper the office’s productivity and smooth workflow. Hence, you call a professional commercial painter and decorator to finish the work. 

Many painters and decorators in Newmarket can help you with proper commercial painting services. Hire them and ensure you avoid problems that might otherwise occur. 

What are Common Commercial Painting Problems you must Avoid?


Selecting the Wrong Type of Paint 

The first and most common mistake is selecting poor quality and coloured paint for commercial painting and decorating works. Unlike the house, you cannot use funky or deep colours for your office space. To make a proper selection, contact professional painters in Newmarket. They have years of experience handling commercial painting and decorating services.

Not keeping a Budget in Mind

If you still need to set a budget in mind from the beginning, you might have a lot of expenses for commercial painting and decorating services. Sometimes during the painting, the commercial painting might come across parts of the house that need renovation. Extra money gets invested if these things keep on adding.


Not Discussing the Timeline

Every project has a deadline. Painters and decorators need to stick to the same. However, many people need to confirm the timeline or project completion date with the contractors before starting the project. Since it is a commercial project, not fixing the timeline can cause disaster, and your productivity might get hampered. 


Using Improper Tools 

Ensure the commercial painter or decorator you hire has the proper tools and equipment. If you encounter issues like material shortages, poor communication or Improper use of tools during the painting process, you might get better-done interiors for your office.


Disputes with the Painting Crew

Disputes or mismanagement of the painting crew is vital in posing problems for commercial painting services. To prevent this good and professional painting and decorating company should be selected. 

Contact MJ Painters & Decorators; we have a team of professional commercial painters and decorators in Newmarket who can turn your blunt and dull office interiors into an interesting piece of art. 

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