When painting a property’s interiors, a little care must be taken to get the desired result. Every professional painter and decorator generally focuses on preparing the base of the wall first and then proceeds with the painting job. After all, a great base makes a strong foundation for a good outcome. You’ll come across several renowned painters and decorators in Saffron Walden who can help you with different painting services.


The job of a house painter is not limited to dabbing paint on the walls. They need to clean and fix the damage on the wall’s surface so that the painting efforts are shown at the end.


Before your painting work starts, here’s a brief about how the walls are prepared for painting.

Steps of Preparing the Walls for Painting

Clear Up the Room

First, clear up the room which you’re planning to get painted. Otherwise, the paint might mess up your belongings. Move the furniture pieces as far as possible and cover the floors with mats and sheets to avoid paint stains. Also, cover the electric boards, nails and other small parts that cannot be removed from the walls.

Remove the Dust and Clean the Walls

Walls corners are susceptible to cobwebs and dust that remains uncleaned for years. If there is dust and webs in your walls, then make sure that you clean them as soon as possible. Proceeding with the wall painting without clearing the clouds of dust can give the walls a dull and unpolished look.

Inspect and Fix the Damages

The painter will thoroughly inspect the walls’ condition and fix the damages as soon as possible. For instance, cracks and scraped paint on the wall’s surface damage the wall and cause problems during the painting process. Hence, the painter will remove the same with knives and other tools and fix the surface before applying the coats of paint.

Remove Old Paint

The final step involves the removal of the old paint and beginning the new painting process. During the old paint removal process, the sanding is done to remove the flakes of plasters and to smoothen the surface of the walls. With evening out the wall’s surface, applying the new coat of paint is easy.


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