Commercial painting and decorating projects are more challenging and time-consuming than residential ones. Commercial painters need to work around productive office hours with employees on the office premises. Unlike a residential project, it is impossible to vacate the whole space in a commercial project. Moreover, too many distractions can cause disturbances for the employees. Commercial painters and decorators should also be experienced in handling all messes instantly so that their workflow is maintained.

Make sure you choose the best commercial painter and decorator in Saffron Walden for the job. To choose the best commercial painter and decorator, here are a few things you should remember.

Four Points to keep in Mind While Selecting a Commercial Painter and Decorator

Check the colours and materials they use

Commercial workspaces should have a light yet impressive colour palette on the walls. Hence, when you hire a painter and decorator, check their colour methodology. Also, discuss with them the type of materials like tiles, flooring materials, lighting and colour quality they use for commercial premises. Unlike residential projects, the materials must be durable yet affordable for commercial projects.

Provision for Shifting Things

A commercial painter needs a team to help move items within the office premises and make space for the painting process. Hence before selecting the painting company, make sure that you hire one that offers moving services as well. This will save you excess expenses you would have otherwise incurred for hiring another company to relocate items.

Ask for Proper Follow-Up Communications

Make sure that the painting company you hire follows good after-painting service. This is a major strategy for client retention and getting new clients from the recommendations. Since commercial spaces are highly functional premises, always hire readily available painters and just a call away.

Make Safety a Priority

Commercial painters must work around the office premises while employees are still present. Hence whenever you hire the same, make sure that you check the safety provisions that they follow. They should use HEPA filters, dustless sanders and scaffoldings for painting the commercial premises. This ensures that your employee remains safe during the painting process.

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