If you are planning to improve the value of your property and thinking about what you can do, you have come up to the right place. There are lots of options to improve the value of your home, but the most effective and affordable option is to paint and then decorate the space. 

For this, hiring professional painters and decorators in Newmarket is the right choice. Whether you paint or decorate the space, you can not only make your home look great and appealing but also get the chance to improve its value. 

Important Tips to Add Value To The Property With Painting And Decorating

  1. A Fresh Layer of Paint

Let’s start with the basics. It is more likely that your London home will need a fresh layer of paint to give a high-quality finish and improve the home value. Do you remember the last time you painted the home? Search for the painting options you have. 

Choose eggshell and satin paint finish for interiors, and ensure you use the best painting tools. For best results, you can hire professional Painters and Decorators who are experienced and talented, too. 

  1. Go For Lighter Shades

The painters and decorators love to experiment with different colour schemes and add characters to the house. When you are discussing how you are going to add value to your home, a light shade is usually a favourite for all and also pleasing to look at. 

You can also explore the off-white shades or even the neutral shades like taupe, light shades and beige of natural hues, which allow the buyers to pick their own colour choices through accessorising and adding artwork. 

  1. Pay Attention To The Windows

Do not let the essential factors and features escape the painting and decorating. Windows are considered as the opening to the exterior and will always be very important for the home. You can focus on them by using natural light. 

  1. Go for a Kitchen Makeover.

Apart from painting and decorating the rooms, you can also go for kitchen makeovers. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and it is the community space where you will eat, socialise and also stay for a long time. Hence, if you renovate the space, you can upgrade the home’s value.

If you want to add value to your home with the above techniques, along with painting and decorating around Newmarket, consulting the team from M & J Painters & Decorators Ltd is the right choice. Get in touch with the team now