When deciding the time for your next repainting project, you may consider some other practical factors. The most important among these are the style and trend of the painting project. As the property owner, you would want to explore and reflect on current painting trends.

The Classification of Paints:

You can find two types of painting finishes for properties: Matte and flat. Initially, it may seem that the two finishing styles are interchangeable, however they are distinct styles that work in different types of projects. The choice of painting finish depends greatly on your personal choice and property type. 

Basic Differences Between Matte and Flat Finish Paints:

Below, you can find a detailed discussion of how matte and flat finishes differ from one another. For creative and colourful finishes, you can get assistance from a professional painter and decorator in Cambridge.

  • Glossiness:

    The amount of gloss in the average flat paint never rises above 0-5%. Paints of certain brands even show no gloss at all. Compared to these paints, matte paints have a higher level of glossiness. It varies from 5-10%, depending on the type of colour you use.

  • Cover-Ups:

    Both flat and matte paint finishes are good at covering up imperfections on your wall surface. They also have a relatively low gloss, which conceals any discolouration or deformity. It would not appear even if you reflected light on the treated surface.

  • Location:

    You can apply the two types of paints in different areas of your home. Flat paints are more suitable for areas that won’t get too dirty over time. This will save you the effort o repainting regularly. On the other hand, matte paints are great for bedrooms, bathrooms and large halls. You can invest in mildew-resistant paints to save your wall from occasional natural damage.

  • Ease of Cleaning:

    Even after applying the paints on easy-to-clean surfaces, you need to follow a proper maintenance schedule. The scrubbing feature of the paint plays a crucial role in its ease of cleaning. Matte paints are much easier to clean compared to the flat ones. Scrubbing the flat painted wall surface can change the overall look of your walls and make them look patchy.

Matte and flat paints differ in physical features from one another. If you need to change your property’s looks with these paints, collaborate with a professional like MJ Painters & Decorators. We are a trustworthy name with a team of expert painters and decorators in Cambridge. To learn more about us, you can visit our website today.