Making use of the appropriate tools is one of the factors that usually separate experts from amateurs. Professional painters and decorators in Newmarket have the right tools and know how to make the most out of them. Many people believe that only a couple of brushes and rollers are required, but in reality, more tools are needed to get the job done right. Let’s look at some essential tools these experts own.

What Are the Tools Used by Pro Painters & Decorators?

Power Tools

An expert painter must use power tools to get the job done right. They are:

Heat Gun – This tool removes existing paint and varnish, mould plastics, softens adhesives, and dry filler.

Multi-Function Drill – This tool is a must When installing new fittings or undoing screws.

Hand Sander – This is an excellent time-saving tool for pro painters and decorators. From smoothening down filler to keying surfaces before painting, this tool helps a lot.

Wallpaper Steamer – This tool removes lining, woodchip and wallpaper.

Preparation Tools

To get the perfect paint job, preparation tools play a key role. They are:

Wire Brush – This tool is excellent for surface cleaning.

Wallpaper Perforator – You can easily strip wallpaper using this tool. It lets the steam get below the wallpaper surface.

Filling Knife – This tool is used to distribute putty and different types of filler to get rid of cracks, holes and gaps.

Stripping Knife and Paint Scraper – Pro painters and decorators in Newmarket use these tools to tackle stubborn paint and varnish. This tool becomes more effective when used with a heat gun or streamer.

Decorating Tools

In addition to various paint rollers and paintbrushes, pro painters use various decorating tools to achieve the results they want each time.

Paint Scuttle – A large painting project requires paint in huge quantities, and this tool is perfect for the task. Moreover, it helps in quick roller loading.

Wallpaper Brush & Smoother – Regarding wallpapering, these tools are a must. These tools are used to get rid of bubbles.

Extension Poles – Whether dealing with tall walls, high ceilings or exterior painting, this tool makes the task much easier.

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