Selecting the right colour combination for bedroom walls is a tricky affair. There are lots of options available in the market. So, you are bound to get burdened with options. If you are in a dilemma regarding the same, this blog post is tailored to your requirements. Colours play a significant role in enhancing the look and feel of your bedroom. So, before painting the bedroom walls, you need to have a solid knowledge of the colour combinations. In case you have any questions, get in touch with the experienced painters and decorators in Newmarket. With their suggestions, you gain the necessary insights and know the ones to implement in your case.

A Complete List of Excellent Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

  1. Navy Blue and White: Navy blue and white is one of the best colour combinations for bedroom walls. White indicates simplicity and purity, while navy blue strikes a contrast to the former. Usually, home decorators associate navy blue with importance and power. You can incorporate earthy tones on the floor while embracing this approach.
  2. Dusty Rose and Charcoal Grey: If you are willing to impart a sophisticated look to your bedroom, this colour combination will be the ideal option for you. There is a romantic feel in the dusky rose colour. On the contrary, charcoal grey gives your space an added dimension by enhancing its depth and contrast.
  3. Black and Brown: Painting your bedroom walls in black and brown enhances the character of your room in more ways than one. Black makes your bedroom look elegant. This timeless colour also creates an aesthetic of mystery. When black is used with a shade of brown, creating a stylish bedroom space won’t be a difficult affair for you. The soft-toned lights will further increase the artful quotient of your bedroom.
  4. Pale Blue and Pink: A colour combination of pale blue and pink will give a refreshing look to your bedroom. The light tones of pink make your bedroom space calming. On the other hand, pale blue implies relaxation. However, you should ensure to strike the right balance between pink and neon blue.

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